Mercury Stations Direct 15th May + Zodiac Forecasts. What does this REALLY MEAN?

Mercury ends its Retrograde which began on the 21st of April, on Monday 15th May. Does this mean that everything will flow perfectly from now around every day communications, technology and travel? Well, perhaps, but with the Moon and Neptune in a hyper sensitive combination the potential for information and messages to be distorted remains […]

Mercury Direct, 18th January 2023. The INSIDE TRACK, Shadow Periods, Q/C to Mars & Zodiac Forecasts.

Mercury Direct… 18th January 2023 London 1.11.42pm New York 8.11.42am Los Angeles 5.11.42am Johannesburg 3.11.42pm New Delhi 7.11.42pm Sydney 10.11.42pm Mercury into pre-shadow phase December 12th 2022 Mercury Retrograde began December 29th 2022 Mercury Retrograde ends 18th January 2023 Mercury leaves post-shadow phase February 7th 2023 Next Mercury Retrograde May 10th 2023 Solar Chart Wheel […]

Mercury Goes Direct…

On Wednesday 20th November 2019, 7:12PM GMT Mercury goes direct in the Sign of Scorpio, after its Retrograde, which began on October 31st 2019 at 27 degrees Scorpio. What’s the implications for us all? We might well breathe a sigh of relief, and especially if we have experienced disrupted communications during this time. We may […]

Mercury goes Direct Motion…

Mercury completes its three week Retrograde in Pisces, but its impact is not quite finished. For it won’t be until the 16th of April that its impact truly unravels. This is because when Mercury entered its Retrograde on the 5th March 2019 it was at 29° Pisces, and it returns the 29° Pisces, on the 16th April. Ironically on […]