Mercury Trine Jupiter Three Special Opportunities August 10th September 4th & 25th…

The 120 angle or Trine between the planet of precision, Mercury in Virgo, and the planet of growth Jupiter in Taurus, both Earth Signs, is worthy of serious consideration. Moreover this influence is set to be repeated three times so discover how the 10th August, 4th and 25th September can be so helpful. Despite the […]

Mercury Direct, 18th January 2023. The INSIDE TRACK, Shadow Periods, Q/C to Mars & Zodiac Forecasts.

Mercury Direct… 18th January 2023 London 1.11.42pm New York 8.11.42am Los Angeles 5.11.42am Johannesburg 3.11.42pm New Delhi 7.11.42pm Sydney 10.11.42pm Mercury into pre-shadow phase December 12th 2022 Mercury Retrograde began December 29th 2022 Mercury Retrograde ends 18th January 2023 Mercury leaves post-shadow phase February 7th 2023 Next Mercury Retrograde May 10th 2023 Solar Chart Wheel […]