Neptune Cazimi Square Quarter Moon – 17th March + All Signs!

When the Sun, representing the core self and vitality, aligns with Neptune in Pisces, we can surely count on one or more of these: PRO Increased Sensitivity: You may find yourself more attuned to subtle energies, emotions, and spiritual insights. It’s a time when intuition and psychic abilities may be enhanced. Creative Inspiration: You may […]

Neptune Retrograde Astrology 2022 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Neptune RX Dates & Times… London 8.55am 28th June 2022 New York 3.55am 28th June 2022 Los Angeles 11.55pm 27th June 2022 Delhi 1.25pm 28th June 2022 Sydney 5.55pm 28th June 2022 Key characteristics… Neptune is the psychic planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality and compassion, the domain of dreams and delusions. The Mythology… (Latin: Neptūnus) […]

Aries New Moon 12th April 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts