Leo New Moon 19th August + Zodiac Forecasts

Join me for my Leo New Moon Deep Dive Video + Zodiac Sign Forecasts for every sign. Mars is a very player in this New Moon and if we use his energy wisely we can drive ourselves forwards. With Saturn & Pluto potentially causing mischief, care is needed of just how. Join me to get […]

Taurus New Moon

A Healing Aries New Moon…

the Aries New Moon occurs on Tuesday 24th March at 9.28am GMT. Aries New Moon energy is about a new cycle beginning for the whole year, it’s time to initiate and seize the moment. What makes this event so very unique, is not just the backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis, but that this New Moon […]

The Sun Glides Into Pisces…

The Sun glided into the Water sign of Pisces on Wednesday at 4:57 AM GMT. Instinct is the key here and will continue to be so for the next four weeks. As long as we can make sure that we can carry out the tasks that we can influence, as well as possible, this can […]

A Burning Hot, Pisces New Moon…

The Pisces New Moon occurs on 23rd February at 3.31pm GMT. But although located in the third of the Water signs this can be a burning hot event, with the Sun angling superbly to Mars and also Uranus. PLEASE SEE BELOW TO DISCOVER WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU… To watch your Deep Dive Pisces New Moon […]

A Saturnian Quarter Moon…

On Saturday 5th October a Quarter Moon occurs in Capricorn which is close to Saturn, and opposes the North Node in Cancer. So a tense T Square is forged with the Sun in Libra.  So, how can we negotiate this? This waxing Quarter Moon can see us encountering those who are finding it more difficult […]

Mercury Retrograde/Mystic New Moon – Fact or Fiction?

Mercury’s retrograde begins with the planet at 29° in Pisces the retrograde will end on 27the March, but the planet will not come out of shadow until 16th April, when it will return to the place where the retrograde began. So although the next three weeks will emphasise the impact of Mercury retrograde in particular, it may not be […]

New Moon in Scorpio November 7th 2018

The New Moon in Scorpio gives us a unique opportunity to embrace our ‘shadow selves’ or to more firmly stand in our own power for the next month. Scorpio can sometimes be felt as light and darkness combined with no middle road. This powerful New Moon will occur in in 15 degrees Scorpio, on Wednesday, […]