Taurus New Moon 11th May 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The Taurus New Moon represents a wonderful opportunity to draw healing to our self worth, and also to repair the impact of any losses of the last twelve months, or for those fortunate enough to have accumulated money to splash out on anything which pleases our senses.

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Welcome to May 2021. A quite stunning New Moon on the 11th is a portent for better things to come, as is the arrival the vibrant energy of Jupiter in its home zone of Pisces. For more on all this  and your Monthly Horoscope & Tarot Readings, and so much more Please CLICK or TAP […]

Scorpio Full Moon 27th April 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

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Welcome to April. It really is Aries Season, and the ruler of Aries, Mars, is influential too. This is a month which can be supercharged by the power of Mars in the communicative Gemini. Think of the ways we can interact and relate with passion and airy conviction, and go for it. The Aires New […]

Aries New Moon 12th April 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Pisces New Moon 13th March 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

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Welcome to March, a month which sees the dreamy, drifty energies of Neptune, the co-ruler of Pisces, come to the fore in a really influential but positive way. This gives us the chance to embrace the potential for healing, especially from a wonderful Pisces New Moon of the 13th. For more on all this  and […]

Aquarius New Moon 11th February 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The Aquarius New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to set our intentions for our future hopes, but most importantly how we can achieve this by connecting with others, and developing co-operation and help networks. We have seen small investors combining to take on old money successfully and people rising up against unfairness. Aquarius energy speaks […]

Capricorn New Moon January 13th 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Scorpio New Moon supported by Pallas & Jupiter + Zodiac Sign Forecasts…

Amongst all the pain and loss and a brutal series of lunations, some healing can come from this Scorpio New Moon. It will not be without a battle, but the wonderful links with; Jupiter, Pluto and Palas, suggests that improvements will come in terms of technology, understanding Covid and people’s awareness to safeguarding. This is […]