Taurus Lunar Eclipse – 19th November 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts

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Welcome to November. This month has two incredibly powerful lunations, a New Moon in deep Scorpio and the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The potentially disruptive energies of Uranus are threaded through the whole month, but these also urge us to embrace new approaches, innovation and change. For more on all this and your Monthly Horoscope […]

Scorpio New Moon – 4th/5th November 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts

The New Moon in Scorpio is electrified by the intense but restless energies of Uranus. Something which feels stuck can suddenly move forwards, or tensions can reach a point where something has to give. However we have a wonderful opportunity to more innovatively use our resources.

Monthly Horoscopes November 2020

We enter into this new month, powerfully influenced by the Blue Moon, and with Uranus in the mix, the first two weeks can be restless for sure. But after so much astrological tension, and therefore earthly suffering, the tide begins to turn this month. How? Well, first of all because of a stunning Scorpio New […]