Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Year 2024’s Luckiest Time? + All Signs!

One of the most fortunate planetary alignments, between Venus and Jupiter, the two planets of fortune, occurs on the 23rd of May 2024. This is the first time in 12 years these two have come together in this way, and with Venus the ruler of Taurus back home, the potential for better news financially is […]

Weekly Astrology Video WC 20th May 2024 + All Signs

THE most sensational week for many a year occurs this week (well, I am an Air sign). • But seriously as the Sun, Venus and Jupiter, all arrive in the fast-moving, effervescent sign of Gemini and ALL angle potently to the planet of transformation, Pluto, big shifts are possible. • Yet the Full Moon in […]

Luck Out with Jupiter Cazimi Deep Dive Video – All Signs…

On the 18th May the Sun applies to Jupiter forging a mighty Cazimi. This a once a year event which helps to amplify the power of Jupiter, already known for its fortunate energies. • How will this affect us, who will affect the most, and how long will its influence last? • As Jupiter prepares […]

19 Days of Mercury in Taurus – Deep Dive Video – All Signs…

From May and after the toing and froing of Mercury’s nine and a half weeks in Aries, the Winged Messenger arrives in Taurus. • Here we can focus on gaining traction with any ideas that have evolved since the 10th March, 2024, but which may not have quite become established. • Thinking about and discussing […]

Taurus Uranus Cazimi Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

Uranus Cazimi – 13th May 2024 9.13am Universal • The penultimate Uranus Cazimi in Taurus occurs at 23 Degrees and 6′ All Fixed Signs and Natal Planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius from 20 Degrees to 26 Degrees will be particularly impacted by this. • Fixed resists, Uranus provokes change. This electric connection will […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 13th – 19th May + All Signs!

This week the Sun aligns with both Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus, giving us some genuine opportunities to revitalise our finances, and to enjoy slices of good fortune. • With Venus linking to Saturn, past hard work can also be rewarded. • A week when the solid citizens in our lives can also show their […]

Taurus New Moon Deep Dive Video 7th/8th May 2024

The New Moon in Taurus this year creates some intriguing possibilities. • With Venus, the ruler of Taurus, herself in residence, and the other planet of plenty, Jupiter too, what does this hold? Well, this event does set the stage for when the two planets of fortune, merge on May 23rd, which could give us […]

Mars in Aries 2024 – Go, Go, Go. Once in a Lifetime Spark! + All Signs

Weekly Astrology Video WC 6th May 2024 + All Signs

The combination of the raw drive and shrewd perception of Mars and Pluto helps us to power into this new week. • We can determined to prime up new plans, or inject on going strands with even more willpower and grit. • But after all the heavy price and cost increases of the last couple […]

Monthly Astrology Deep Dive Video May 2024 + All Signs…

Serendipity is possible in a number of ways this month, which starts with a rip roaring and energizing link from Mars in Aries to Pluto in Aquarius. If you have a plan you believe in, go for it with determination, self belief and willpower. • The Taurus New Moon of the 8th gives us the […]