Ghislaine Maxwell Personal Horoscope

Ghislaine Maxwell Personal Horoscope. I explore (respectfully) time of birth on and also the rectifications of other astrologers, before giving my own take. Time is a critical matter in astrology so please watch the video in full to see the context. Many thanks. Based on my rectified time, her chart contains a Grand Fixed […]

Katie Hopkins Horoscope & Astrology

July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2020 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The Lunar Eclipse of July 4th/5th (depending on where you live) in Capricorn urges us to balance the practical with the emotional, but new approaches CAN help. To discover what this means for you, please join me to watch my Deep Dive Lunar Eclipse Video + your FREE zodiac Sign Forecast Please CLICK or TAP on the […]

Mars in Aries 2020 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts 2020

How Do I Analyse a Birth Chart?

There has been a quite a reaction to Meghan Markle’s so called best friend Jessica Mulroney’s alleged disagreement with Canandian social influencer Sasha Essex. As I have been outlining recently, abuses of power are being exposed. Join me to see how I analyse Jessica Mulroney’s Personal Horoscope to see how the astrology is shaping events […]

A Swirling Misty Pisces Quarter Moon…

Today Saturday 13th of June, the Moon in Pisces is in a right angles to the Sun in Gemini, forging a Quarter Moon. But this is also close to the conjunction between Mars and Neptune. As I outlined in my earlier Mars in Pisces video, the Sun/Mars square which began from the 27th May would […]

Full Moon Meditation – Archangel Haniel & Chakra Balancing

Mercury Moves into Cancer – Covid update…

Cancer, the planet which influences communication, travel, commerce, and technology moves into Cancer on 28th May at 7.10pm UCT where it will reside until the 4th August. So for over 10 weeks it transits one of its least positive locations. Why? Well, the logic of Mercury is diluted by the watery emotion of Cancer. This […]

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse June 5th 2020 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Mars in Pisces – Your Zodiac Forecast…

Mars passes through the 12th sign of the Zodiac Pisces from now for the next 6.5 weeks through to the 27th June 2020. What is the impact of Mars in Pisces and what angles will Mars forge to other planets during this period and how will they impact upon us all? Also, crucially what does […]