Cancer New Moon T Square Nodal Axis + All Signs

A wonderful time to set our intentions around home, family, and emotions. However, with the Nodal Axis applying by 3 degrees this does add some complexity. • The North Node in Aries over the last year has been urging us to develop our sense of identity and individuality. • The Cancer themes are much to […]

April 2024 Astrology Forecast – Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct Chiron + All 12 Signs!

This is a month with very many important astrological energies unfolding, not least the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8th of April, which gives us all, collectively, and extremely valuable opportunity to work on our inner identities. • Past issues can also need attention as Mars combines with both Saturn and Neptune. • However, with […]

Venus Conjunct Saturn – Love & Financial Reality Strikes! + All Signs!

Venus Conjunct Saturn – Love & Financial Reality Strikes! + All Signs!

BIG ENERGY Gemini Full Moon Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th of November, is likely going to have a very large impact on us all, collectively, as well as individually. Full Moons often bring an increase in tension, but this one really does have BIG ENERGY. And the key for the next week’s of its influence is how we […]

Uranus Retrograde 151 Days Deep Dive Video + Zodiac Forecast for All Signs…

Uranus goes Retrograde in Taurus from 29th August 2023 to 27th January 2024, an annual 5 five month event, and this year this totals 151 days.   • Join me to find a Higher Purpose + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS – Deep Dive Video Special…  • Uranus Rewinds 4 Degrees in total, but how will this impact on your […]

Chiron Retrograde – Deep Healing Insights + JK Rowling, Elon Musk and Britney Spears Analyses…

On July 23rd, the Wounded Healer, Chiron, goes Retrograde for 19 weeks through to 6th December, in the sign of Aries. As it does it is forging a fine link to Mercury in the proud Leo, encouraging us to download as much information as we can to become better informed about healing ourselves. However, the […]

Sagittarius New Moon Astrology – 23rd/24th November + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Autumnal Equinox 22nd/23rd September 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecasts