Aries New Moon 12th April 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn Conjunct in 2020

Mercury links with Pluto – Perceptions Sharpened!

The last phase of this week, and in preparedness for Monday’s next key lunation, Mercury links with Pluto and this can be very helpful. People whose Natal Horoscopes have Mercury helpfully Sextile (60 degrees) or Trine (120 degrees) apart from the deep and potent Pluto, often have very penetrative minds, with a real love of […]

The Power of Love

If you are single, and would like to meet someone, then someone rather alluring could come into your orbit this weekend. Or then again someone you have slowly been getting to know could take on an even more tantalizing aura. This is because one of the most potent planetary angles is triggered an opposition between […]

Power gets challenged – Sun opposite Pluto…

Are you resisting some kind of major change or transition? Is there a lifestyle choice, personal attitude or alteration which is calling out to you which you are stubbornly refusing to embrace? The ways this energy can come up are manifest, but it may relate to a clash of personalities in a relationship, or one […]

The North Node & deep Pluto…

The connection between the Nodal (North Node/South Node) Axis & deep Pluto is a key influence in 2019. Why? Well, the North Node returned to Cancer last November 7th, and in turn the South Node to Capricorn. Unlike all other influences, the Nodal Axis as they are known, move in an anti-clockwise or inverted direction […]