Fact Stranger than Fiction – Sagittarius New Moon Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

The Sagittarius New Moon of the 12th/13th of December is conjunct the Fixed Star Atria, which can be very fortunate and benevolent. And yet this is a New Moon with potentially less favourable energies. Why? Well, the rebellious energies of Uranus forges a potentially discordant Quincunx and the dreamy but illusory vibe of Neptune a […]

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Leo New Moon 19th August + Zodiac Forecasts

Join me for my Leo New Moon Deep Dive Video + Zodiac Sign Forecasts for every sign. Mars is a very player in this New Moon and if we use his energy wisely we can drive ourselves forwards. With Saturn & Pluto potentially causing mischief, care is needed of just how. Join me to get […]

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Venus into Gemini – opportunities abound…

Venus moves into Gemini for an extended 4 month stay, from Friday 3rd April 2020, at 6.11pm GMT. So, through to the 7th August we have a real opportunity to transform our thinking and our way of relating. With many of us involved in social distancing, it will be harder to embrace the full value […]