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December 2019 FREE Astrology Magazine & Overview…

Hello & Welcome to your FREE December 2019 Astrology Magazine and Overview. Whilst many in the western world and Northern Hemisphere will start to embrace the wintry traditionalism of this time of year, let’s continue to be mindful of our people in the Southern Hemisphere who are being particularly affected by too much heat. Strangely […]

FREE Astrology Magazine & Overview June 2019…

Hello & Welcome to your FREE Astrology Magazine & Overview June 2019. The electric energies of Uranus in Taurus provides copious amounts of potential sparkle this month as it links brightly with Mercury, Venus and Mars respectively. It’s a month when we can enjoy and appreciate life’s simple and earthy pleasures, or get seriously creative […]

Patrick Arundell Astrology Monthly Magazine – March 2019

Hello & Welcome to  your FREE March Astrology Magazine. A whole raft of energies shimmer in the sign of Pisces. This sees Neptune, the ruler of the sign, combine with the Pisces New Moon on the 6th and with Mercury in Pisces (in detriment) going into a retrograde on the 5th, sensitivity will be heightened, but so […]