Uranus Direct 27th Jan to 1st Sept 2024 – Go, Go, Go! + Zodiac Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS…

Uranus goes Direct Deep Dive Video + All Signs – 27th January to 1st September 2024 • Uranus is the ruler of the sky in mythology. It encourages higher truths, is linked to astrology, innovation, freedom, change, individuality, and of embracing our uniqueness and authenticity. • He travels forward now by 8 Degrees and 10′ […]

Uranus Direct Taurus, 22nd January. Liberate yourself from the tension of the last 155 days.

Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius and the ruler in mythology of the sky, goes direct, ending a Retrograde that began on the 24th of August. In the interim it has forged various angles or aspects to other planets, but most disruptively with Saturn. Our need for freedom, has clashed with a need to conform, but […]

Uranus Retrograde 2020 + Zodiac Forecasts

Restless Uranus is now Retrograde in Taurus and continues to be so until January 14th 2021. Why is this important? Well, the last sustained period of world turbulence occurred 84 years ago when Uranus passed through Taurus. Uranus affects our desire for freedom, independence, rebellion against restrictions or can lead to sudden changes and alterations […]