Weekly Astrology Forecast from 18th – 24th March + All Signs!

The Sun storms into Aries, and begins the start of its new annual cycle, with the Spring Equinox, ushering in a fresh beginning for us all and wonderful new opportunities as he links powerfully to Pluto, the planet of change, in Aquarius. With Venus applying to Saturn, we could find ourselves asking some searching questions […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 11th – 17th March – All Signs!

Venus glides into Pisces as the week begins, a home she graces with aplomb. We may feel sentimental, or hear from an old friend. A lot of restless energy still abounds though, but spiritual and healing possibilities are strong, as the Sun envelopes Neptune. Mind, with the Quarter Moon in Gemini in a right angle […]

OUR LAST SHOW | Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | From 4th April 2022

It’s time to wave goodbye from the A Team with regard to the Weekly Astrology and Spirituality Show. Please join us to celebrate all the shows of the two and a quarter years. Patrick shares about Chiron’s importance on the Aries New Moon, the friction being created by Mars conjunct Saturn, but how as the […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 28th March to 3rd April 2022

Patrick shares about the Saturn conjunction with Venus and Mars and the Chiron and Mercury influenced Aries New Moon. Alyssa outlines the Hermetic Wheel, and the change from the two to three of Wands. This week’s Oracle card Angel Therapy ‘Clear Yourself’. The word of the week is Homo Luminous which the A Team explore […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 21st March to 27th March 2022

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 14th March to 20th March 2022

Patrick shares that this week the combination of Venus and Mars in Aquarius can prime the potential for group cooperation and collaboration but the jarring energies of Uranus on them from Wednesday can see forceful actions or forceful resistance. With the Virgo Full Moon of Friday angling to the transformative Pluto, and then the Spring […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 7th March to 13th March 2022

Though Venus and Mars have jointly entered Aquarius, Patrick explains why it really is a very Piscean week, especially with the arrival of Mercury in the sign on Thursday and the Quarter Moon. Alyssa explores the Hermetic Wheel with the transition from the 9 to the 10 of Cups. The Word of Week Jar has […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 28th February to 6th March 2022

With the conflict raging in the Ukraine, Patrick explores the astrology that may be informing events, but also the opportunities that exist for healing this week too with an uplifting Pisces New Moon, infused with the positivity of Jupiter. Alyssa shares the Hermetic Wheel Card of the Nine of Cups, the wonderful Tarot Card of […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 21st February to 28th February 2022

Patrick shares a Special Natal Chart Analysis of Britney Spears and its Progression and explains what this form of astrology means and Alyssa provides the perspective from a performance and familial viewpoint. The astrology for this week sees a Quarter Moon in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, but that can ratchet up the potential for […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 14th February to 20th February 2022

This is a very powerful week Astrologically, with Valentine’s Day, Mercury returning to Aquarius, a Full Moon in Leo, the conjunction of Venus and Mars, Jupiter sparkling with Uranus and the Sun moving into Pisces. Alyssa outlines how Hermetic Wheel brings in the Eight of Cups midweek. The word of the week is Chameleon suggested […]