The Sun Glides Into Pisces…

The Sun glided into the Water sign of Pisces on Wednesday at 4:57 AM GMT. Instinct is the key here and will continue to be so for the next four weeks. As long as we can make sure that we can carry out the tasks that we can influence, as well as possible, this can help to reduce the more negative impact of the Mercury Retrograde that is also in Pisces.

Governed by the Water element, the 12th zodiac sign is closely allied to its traditional ruler Neptune, that of illumination and dreams. The glyph of Pisces is of two fishes swimming in opposing directions, their mouths joined by a line suggesting that with Pisces people their lives and emotions are often ebbing and flowing and essentially are changeable. This is reinforced by the Mutable, almost malleable, quality of Pisceans. Pisces people can be very compassionate and giving, but also, conversly very cool.

Pisces is renowned for its nebulous, flowing mist, and mixed with a Mercury retrograde in Pisces we could be in for a double hit. And Mercury Retrogrades’ are notorious for miscommunications, technological and travel issues that can leave us vexed. With the water element in play, fact can at times prove stranger than fiction.

With this Mercury Retrograde mostly occuring in the Sign of Pisces, and underway from February 16th, the Sun’s journey through Pisces this could, potentially, muddy the waters of communication even more, especially as oceanic Neptune is presently located at home in Pisces and has been since 2012.

If this wasn’t fishy enough, we also have a Pisces New Moon angle to the feisty Mars occurring on the 23rd February, adding a boiling hot dimension to the mix. Fortunately this New Moon links also to the the diverse, Earth located Uranus, and along with Mars, can bring greater innovation, drive, determination, and a desire for tangible achievements. Also the other ruler of Pisces Jupiter is forging an inspiring link to Neptune just now, which can heighten our senses in all sorts of positive ways but most of all if we tune into our 6th senses, which is what Pisces energy asks us to do, so there is much to go for.

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There is so much excitement around this Pisces New Moon, with both Mars and Uranus urging us to be more radical in our approach. With Venus forging an opposition to the retrograding Janus, and both being T squared by the potent Pluto, and expansive Jupiter, care is though needed around speculative ventures and also relationships.

The Pisces New Moon in each Zodiac sign…

This New Moon for Aries –  Listen to your inner voice Aries, and particularly around your goals and ambitions. In love, don’t try too hard and be guided by someone’s sincerity.

This New Moon for Taurus – A wonderful time to bring changes into your life, especially those you have aspired to for some while, which may not quite have fallen into place thus far.

This New Moon for Gemini –  Mercury, your ruler, suggests your hopes and aims can be pretty fluid at this time, but reworking an old idea or talent into a new format could work really well.

This New Moon for Cancer –  This New Moon can be particularly wonderful for you Cancer. It gives you the chance to be more assertive, AND expand your boundaries. Go for it.

This New Moon for Leo  – If you are wanting a change around your financial situation or work, this New Moon gives you the encouragement to seize the moment, but do double check details.

This New Moon for Virgo – Yes, your ruler Mercury can cause some tangle in your relationships, but this New Moon gives you the chance to improve them – if you invest your energy and desire to do so.

This New Moon for Libra – The Mercury Retrograde is urging you to get more organised, and this New Moon just adds to the urgency of this. If something has been stuck on the home front, push on to solve this.

This Full Moon for Scorpio – For sure, some of your thinking can be fluid, but a conversation is set to really light you up over the next month and it can have a romantic dimension.

This New Moon for Sagittarius – A new start in your family, home or personal life is possible, but work hard at keeping the lines of communication open.

This New Moon for Capricorn – Sure, some people, may not hear you in the way you want, but someone very special can. But just who and how this unfolds, can be a complete surprise.

This New Moon for Aquarius –  If your finances have felt stuck, past hard work, endeavour and application can come back to you positively. An old contact can make contact unexpectedly.

This New Moon for Pisces – A makeover may be in the astral works, but it is your thinking and outlook which can be transformed as much as your appearance, but it may how this unfolds may not be a straight line.

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