Venus into Gemini – opportunities abound…

Venus moves into Gemini for an extended 4 month stay, from Friday 3rd April 2020, at 6.11pm GMT. So, through to the 7th August we have a real opportunity to transform our thinking and our way of relating. With many of us involved in social distancing, it will be harder to embrace the full value of Venus in Gemini in the usual way. Ordinarily this would be a flirty, flighty transit, ideal to mix and mingle, which at the moment can seem unlikely.

However, the actual Birth Chart for today’s ingress is very encouraging, and by the end of May 2020, despite Venus being in Shadow from the 7th of May, Retrograde from the 13th May to the 24th June, emerging from Shadow on the 28th July, perhaps the true lesson of this transit is to be creative about we connect with others, especially through digital media. Also we can use the 3rd House energies here, to expand our knowledge. After all, Venus is about attraction, also money, and in Gemini about communication, so there is plenty go for despite our current situations.

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