In Mythology Vesta is the Roman Goddess of The Sacred Flame. In Ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins were the keepers of a symbolic flame and were to keep it burning at all times. This flame was a symbol of sexuality and fertility as well as a life force energy.

Astrologically, Vesta the Asteroid helps us to focus on one specific goal, or even person for that matter. The House that Vesta resides in, in our chart can show us the areas in life that we are most likely to be most self-sacrificing. It can also highlight to us the areas of focus that we should keep our inner flame burning around.

An example of how Vesta shows up in our chart is as follows; Sometimes a man gets married to a woman and they decide to start a family together, only to have daughters and he find that he is surrounded by females. It is also common to find Vesta in female-dominated professions like women’s magazines or in airlines, where a male pilot flies the plane and female flight attendants outnumber him. Richard Branson himself has Vesta at 10 degrees Taurus (business) with an airline company named Virgin no less, this is how literal astrology can sometimes present itself!

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