Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 7th February to 13th February 2022

it’s a complex week astrologically, a time when our idealism may be pulverized by some worldly realities, especially when it comes to money, resources and costs but there are opportunities too as Patrick outlines.

Alyssa explores the transition of the Hermetic Wheel from the 6 to the 7 of Swords, and reveals some positive ways to look at this often tricky card.

The Word of the Week is “Understanding” selected from the many suggested, and the modality is from the gorgeous Gia Oracle Cards, and is ‘Hidden Paths’ which may have some linkage to Pluto, Patrick felt.

The Birthday Free Prize Draw Winner is Tim, and Patrick outlines his Nativity and current trends, whilst Katherine is the lucky runner up and wins a Free 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast.

For more on all this, and introduction to the “Crow Twins” the bullies of the bird feeder…

Please join us to enjoy your FREE WC 7th February Weekly Astrology & Spirituality video below for the inside track…

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