Welcome in the Autumn Equinox

Monday 23rd September sees the Autumn Equinox at 8.50am BST, and the Sun’s move into Libra, the 7th sign, ruled by Air, with a Cardinal Quality. This is the mid-point in the Western Tropical Zodiacal journey

Libra is to do with balance, and not only is this part of the celestial year the mid-point, it is also when the Sun is in Fall, or where it is less positively placed. Unlike Aries which opposes Libra, and is about new beginnings, this can be a time of review but particularly regarding our relationships and interactions with others.

However, the Moon is in opposition to Saturn, so there may be some moments or coolness or inhibition today. Still, this does see the Sun join with Venus and Mercury in Libra which continue their sparkling combination.

All this can bring a real shift of emphasis in the heavens, one which is much more to do with relating and relationships, or where we need to assert our boundaries more clearly. This is reinforced by Venus in square to Saturn from Monday through to Thursday. And indeed, later in the week both Venus and Mercury square to the power broker Pluto.This suggests we can experience intense situations where prizes are offered, but which may compromise our sense of fair play, or have some kind of hidden catch.

So this week asks us to be conscious of our expectations around relationships, but also understanding the rights of others, is going to be important. So we must not push too hard for what we want, but equally resist anyone who is being too demanding towards us.

If we are involved in any relationship, be it family based, professional, personal or a friendship, where this power potential is not aligned properly this can be a time of growth, but potentially, also of challenges. Still, in general all this Libran energy is excellent to try to find consensus, develop collaboration and cooperation.

Autumn Equinox Spiritual Meaning…

The Autumn Equinox can bring transformation. In the Northern Hemisphere particularly, the evenings begin to get darker, but positivitity can also been drawn towards us, as this is also a time of Harvest. Below are a few Traditions and Religions which celebrate this special time of the year, as the energy shifts between seasons…

Paganism – In Paganism Mabon is the mid-harvest festival celebrated at the Autumn Equinox and is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings.

Ancient Greece – In Ancient Greece this is the time of year that the Goddess Persephone returns to the Underworld to be with her lover Hades. During these months, Demeter (her Mother) refused to use her divine skills to make plants grow leading us to have months of less growth until her return in the Spring.

Christianity – On the 29th of this Month in Christianity the celebration of  Michaelmas, also known as the Feast of Michael and All Angels takes place.

Navaratri – Navaratri is a Hindu festival which lasts several days in the autumn. The festival honours the divine feminine Devi (Durga) and is celebrated in the first half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which falls in the months of September and October.


Questions to ask ourselves during the Autumn Equinox 
“What internal changes might we need to make?”
“How can we celebrate all that we are grateful for?”


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