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Annie Lennox had one playing with her heart, Rammstein didn’t want to be one, and they are everywhere this time of year - what am I talking about? Angels.

They appear in Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism and Christianity and whilst the exact description of them varies they are usually seen as spiritual beings who are messengers of the divine. They are described as beautiful, wise and awesome, they are not human but they can pass as such if they wish. 

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St. Augustine claimed ‘angel’ is a job title but their nature is ‘spirit’. Many people are particularly drawn to the notion of a guardian angel that protects and guides individuals from the moment of their birth until they die. These beings keep us safe and act as our conscience whispering words of encouragement or warning into our ears (whether or not we choose to listen is another matter).

In Ireland it was traditional to pray to the Blessed Mother and ask her to give you the name of your guardian angel, within three days the name would come to you. Some people have suggested that there are certain signs angels send to remind you that they are near; these include re-occurring numerical patterns such as 10:01, 22:22 and so on. Alternatively, you might see white feathers where you would least expect them or angel shaped clouds.


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