Astonishing Auragraphs

Published: Monday, 11 November 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

It’s noticeable that more and more psychics are using something called auragraphs but what on earth are they? According to Harold Sharp, who coined the term, auragraphs are “an artistic diagram of the human aura”.

Humm perhaps this needs explaining a bit more simply. Let’s start with the aura. The aura is a subtle halo that surrounds all living things, to some people it’s invisible but many psychics can see it.

A good psychic who studies auras can use the colours and forms in them to describe someone’s; health, emotional state, character, history and sometimes even connect to a loved one who has passed on.

An auragraph is a drawn record of whatever the psychic ‘sees’ when they look at a person’s aura. The most common way to make an auragraph is for the psychic to draw a circle or oval pattern and then begin to add colours and images to the shape as they see fit.

The psychic then interprets these; for example, a blue waterfall might suggest someone is pouring a lot of self-less love into a project or person. Usually the bottom part of the auragraph represents the sitter’s past, whereas the highest point shows their potential. At the end of the process the sitter is left with a psychic consultation and an image which acts as an aide memoir as well as being a personalised piece of art.

Astonishing Auragraphs
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