Astrologer Joan Quigley

Published: Monday, 10 November 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

We all know that ancient kings and queens often looked to astrology for guidance, but more recent politicians have also looked skyward for inspiration.

Joan Quigley, who was famously Ronald Reagan’s astrologer died on the 24th October this year after a most remarkable life. Joan was born into a wealthy American family and was set to become a socialite. She was drawn to astrology after she became aware of her mother’s interest in the subject, and eventually she studied under Jerome Pearson. In the mid-1970s she was introduced to Nancy Reagan by the TV host Merv Griffin, they hit it off and Joan became an influential member of the Reagan retinue. Nancy consulted Joan on all matters of policy, but she was particularly eager to use Joan’s skills to ensure her husband’s safety when he had public engagements. Ronald Reagan tended to turn to Joan when he wanted to know the optimum time to start a new project or hold an important meeting. Much as the Reagan’s relied on Joan, she was also fascinated by them; particularly the President. She described Ronald Reagan’s natal chart as;

“…the most brilliant horoscope I’d ever seen in this country this century. He could have been a great general….And he has three planets in the sign of exultation, which you almost never see.”

Ronald Reagan was far from the first President with an interest in astrology. George Washington kept a copy of his natal chart and Benjamin Franklin was a keen astrologer who devised his own astrological system.

Astrologer Joan Quigley
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