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Astrology and The City

Published: Thursday, 5 December 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Astrology is usually associated with birthdates and times, but historically this was not the case. An Astrologer could find themselves asked to divine the best time to start a war, sign a peace treaty or agree an alliance. You might expect this practise to have died out, unless, you happen to work in The City or Wall Street. Arch Crawford, was a Wall Street technical analyst, whose job it was to assess the future worth of stock, by looking for patterns in its past behaviour. He predicted the 1962 crash and earned the nickname “Crash Crawford”. The following year, he read an article about people who use Astrology to work the stock market. Arch went out and bought Stock Market Prediction by Donald Bradley. Bradley used Astrology to discover the likely fortunes of stocks, bonds and commodities. Crawford was impressed with Bradley’s method, and began using Astrology alongside his technical analysis. Crawford’s predictions worked, and he became a full-time Astrological Adviser. He’s since been named “Wall Street’s best-known Astrologer” by Barron’s. Today, around 2,000 traders from the United States, Britain, Australia and Japan pay $200 (£125) annually for his newsletter.  He’s not alone, the newsletter of “Astro-Finance Consultancy” MMA Cycles claims 7,000 subscribers, whilst Henry Weingarten charges up to $1,000 (£620) a session at the Astrology Center. Meanwhile, in the UK, Christeen Skinner offers the same service to City traders, entrepreneurs and investors. Seems if you want to make some serious cash, you need to seek out some cosmic clues.

Astrology and The City
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