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Astrology December 2013

Published: Monday, 18 November 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

As the month of December begins, attention turns to planning and shopping for all the Christmas festivities. Although this year, Christmas with all the trimmings, seems to be less roasted chestnuts and pigs in blankets and more budgeting and cutbacks, as planetary movements this Christmas hamper!

For the month of December starts with the Sun in Sagittarius, shifting focus from secretive Scorpio and its fascination with joint finances, to the Christmas roasting joint and revelling in organising the celebrations, as the Sun enters this joyful Sign of Sagittarius. However, people's mode of expression may not feel truly free and expressive, as Mars still in worrisome Virgo for the first week of the month, restricts and dampens the energy. Also, Neptune challenging the Sun's rays brings more unsettling news from foreign lands, particularly regarding floods, social movements and unfair practices concerning the welfare of others.

As under Sagittarius, all things foreign and unknown are further emphasised this month, from the transportation of exotic pets to the possibility of U.F.Os, especially with a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd. However, this New Moon may truly make it the season of goodwill, aiding initiating solvable peace options regarding the Middle East. While there may be no arrival of kings from distant lands pursuing a shining star this month, there may be an influx on the Euro-Star instead. As with the New Moon, the issue of immigration will affect the public consciousness and subsequent mood, but it could also provide a new perspective on it.

Although, it may be a tricky journey reaching this destination, as Mercury teams up with the Sun until the 23rd, giving rise to more uncomfortable debates on immigration and foreign affairs. For communication struggles with Mercury uneasy in its opposing Sign, unaided by a continuing testing Piscean Neptune, muddying the waters of communication further. Whilst boundless Neptune makes the practical matter of imposing limits on immigration complicated, as the fallout of an open door policy becomes apparent. Although by Gemini's Full Moon on the 25th, some kind of resolution in this area should have been reached, as the Full Moon always brings closure of a type. With the Sign of Gemini completing the necessary groundwork, as it is associated with everyday procedures.

Also expect the topic of education to be highlighted this month, as Sagittarius not only expands horizons, but the mind as well, in particular higher education. So the 3rd's New Moon offers fresh ideas in this region, but it is the Full Moon on the 25th which provides the follow through with workable daily details. While the Sign of Gemini shifts the focal point towards younger children, supplying solutions in the early learning sector. Although resources will continue to be limited in realising these ideas, as finances are cautiously weighed up. For at one end of the scale transformative Pluto remains constrained in Capricorn, tipped against retrograde Jupiter stationary in hoarding Cancer stalling any hefty expenditures. 

Furthermore, Jupiter will linger in retrograde motion throughout the month of December, creating a backlog of letters to Santa, as under this transit everyone's hopes and wishes come to a grind. Instead, this transit internalises desires, as this period demands a time of reflection. Although to many, it may bring a feeling of helplessness to people's lives and daily living. For Christmas spirit will be in short supply, but there will be plenty to 'wine' about, as everyone feels the pinch. This is not assisted by Pluto's lengthy stint in sobering Capricorn, this 'baa humbug' influence only reinforced when the Sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd, closely followed by Mercury on the 24th. At this time it seems the only ones smiling may be those who have long-term investments ready for maturity or those older in age, as Venus resides in elder Capricorn. So, as surprising Uranus turns direct on the 18th, pensioners may find an unexpected extra something in their Christmas support stockings, as a pension income boost looks hopeful. No doubt sparked by Mars having progressed into Libra from the 8th, encouraging new legislation.

However, with Venus stationing in Capricorn from the 22nd, and all Cardinal Planets activated coming to loggerheads, it may seem like Santa gives out with one hand, but this Saint lives up to his name, 'nic-king' back with the other. For tempers are heated and individuals feeling the strain, as it seems there is not quite enough to go around. So even though December serves up not quite the no, no, no of November, this Christmas will not be quite as lavish an affair as usual. Alternatively, everyone needs to appreciate what is really important at this festive season, and cherish the small things, then there will be more Christmas Ho, Ho, Ho and less woe, woe, woe!

Astrology December 2013
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