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Defence of Astrology

January 2011 saw astrology being brought into focus as a pseudo science once more, but what about factual evidence? We know astrology has a bad name with many scientists but this is partly due to Sun sign astrology or zodiac signs, but this is a very basic guide and a proper natal interpretation of a horoscope, provides an absolute wealth of information.

Astrology a belief system

Also astrology is viewed as a crank belief by many people who usually have no or little understanding of it at all. We also know astrology can never be a true science, no more than true existence can be truly proved. However, why is it so strange when science has proved that the Moon has an effect on the tides and human behaviour?  Hospitals and the police know more violence is committed on a Full Moon, and increase its workforce to accommodate this. So why is it so unreasonable to assume other planets may not have similar effects?

Astrology and Astronomy

Astrology and Astronomy once went hand in hand until science started to be more factually based, so from that time astrology and pure science went their separate ways. Nowadays quantum physics and science are connecting with astrological thinking and may once again in the future merge once more.

As above as below

The ancients believed the study of stars is a study of the inner workings of the human mind. “as above, so below”.  

In quantum psychics it thus means what applies to the very large (solar system)  to the very small (the atom) which in effect each cell (DNA) of our entire body. In astrological terms a timing of birth gives us a true blue print of some ones nature, which can be accurately used in interpret valuable life skills and talents, and utilised to maximize good times and limit the difficult ones. Nowadays many psychologists use astrologers as a quicker and more accurate way to understand their clients.

Astrology and the brains trust

Evidence proves that many prominent thinkers, philophophers and scientists such as Golen, Paracelsus, Tycho Braha, Galileo Galilei, Carl Jung, practised or significantly contributed to astrology. Although astrology needs to be based on statistical validation for which there is no or little funding available.

Astrology the facts

Michael Gaugelin the French psychologist and statistician devoted his life in the attempt to demonstrate the validity of certain fundamentals of astrology. He wrote that he had found certain correlations between some planetary positions and certain traits in their chosen vocations, which was far more than coincidental. A similar idea was explored by Richard Tarnes and his work ‘Cosmos and Psyche’, in which he examines correspondences between planetary alignments and historically significant events and individuals.

Astrology and Moon Cycles

Psychologist Arnold Lieber of the University of Miami collected data on homicide In Miami’s Dade Country over a period of 15 yrs involving 1,887 murders, when they matched the incidence of homicide with the phases of the Moon, they found much to their surprise, that the two rose and fell together almost infallibly  for the entire 15 years. As the Full Moon or New Moon approached the murder rate rose sharply, it distinctly declined during the first and last Quarters of the Moon.

The Full Moon

The American Institute of Medical Climatology did a similar study for the Philadelphia police dept, and the results were documented in a report entitled ‘The Effects of the Full Moon on Human Behaviour’. The report provided evidence that the Full Moon marks a peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving, and kleptomania. The study was replicated using murder statistics in Ohio, Cleveland. Once again the statistics revealed that murders do indeed occur at the Full and New Moons.

Astrological Analysis

A well known astrologer Carolyn Reynolds analyzed charts of twenty people and was asked to identify four serial killers from their natal charts. Not only did she pick the correct people, she supplied additional information of each killer that proved correct. Also another astrologer Edna Roland in her book ‘Destined for Murder’ has written about the profile of serial killers, and definite connections in their natal horoscopes.

Astrology and mental health

Another psychiatrist Dr. Michele E Gibson recently conducted a study of 400 astrological charts and developed new techniques for predicting mental illness. Three marker aspects were prominent in every chart, which could be easily identifiable to anyone without astrological knowledge.

The Moon and infant gender

The monthly lunar cycle can help in choosing the timing and gender of babies. The Southern California hospital discovered that out of 11,025 births over a six year period. German researcher W. Buehler analyzed 33,000 births and discovered there was a significant preponderance of male births during the waxing Moon. It also appears conception is easier at this time.

Astrology and Knowledge

All scientific theories have been created by man to explain the universe around him, so astrology, astronomy, quantum physics, philosophy, meditation and religion are basically the same thing. All scientific knowledge is looking for ‘A truth that is already known’ but the science fraternity are loath to accept the spiritual side, so denying man has a soul existence.

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