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Published: Thursday, 13 March 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-national company, or a harassed one person operation, there is not a business man or woman in the world, who wouldn’t like that extra bit of information that would make their finances take flight and the profits proliferate. In India, many business people have turned to astrology. Traditionally, astrologers have played an important role in Indian life, particularly in relation to matching marriage partners and fixing the ideal time for wedding festivities. Recently, astrologers have widened their remit to include advice on the stock market, and this has, in turn, turned astrology into big business. Not that everyone is overjoyed at this development; SEBI, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, has warned investors;

 ‘…not to be guided by astrological predictions on share prices and market movements’.

Whether many people listen to this advice is another matter. Many businesses consult astrologers on many different aspects of their work. Including, picking brand names and the setting of important corporate events. When choosing a brand name for a product, a business person will consult an astrologer to discover whether the chosen name has a lucky number of letters, and whether the name itself is likely to bring them luck or not. Even the colours used in the packaging of a brand will be discussed with an astrologer before the item in question hits the streets. Certainly business brains in Delhi believe astrology can give them that special edge, and many take advice from Abhishek Dhawah. Abhishek, uses astrology to help his clients decide the optimum time to bring new products into the market. Abhishek explains how his work can help;

‘If the forces of nature are with you, you will have a better life - if they are against you, then it will be a struggle.’

Abhishek, believes he has an eighty per cent success rate, which would be higher if some of his clients gave him more accurate information.

Of course, not every high-flyer in India believes astrology works, but Ramjit Ray, who runs a corporate communications company in Calcutta and helps some of India's largest companies market their products, remains convinced that astrology has a place in his business. He describes astrology as an important part of Indian society, and that it is based on long held religious thoughts and values. Whilst some young Indian’s are not convinced that astrology has a part in their business plans, business analyst Mudar Patherya, doesn’t think astrologers will lose their business clients just yet;

‘Yes, there are some who think that it is all mumbo-jumbo…but there are many others who believe that there is a science to astrology, and that if you plan what you do according to the stars or the planets, your investment or product will be profitable’.

For the time being at least, the future looks certain for India’s astrologers.

Indian Business Astrology
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