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Astrology January 2014

Published: Tuesday, 7 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

As 2014 begins, New Year partying ceases and board-games get boxed up for another year. However, January sees Party Politics and boardroom games still at play, with the usual charades, a few acting with no clue-do-ing little good and plenty to scrabble about!

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For attention turns from Christmas greetings cards to the House of Cards as January begins, with four Planets situated in the structural Sign of Capricorn, there is an emphasis on getting their houses in order. As the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all reside in compliant Capricorn, highlighting the government, organisations and national matters. Furthermore a New Moon joining forces with the Sun on the 1st means concerns over practical matters continue to cause a monopoly as this New Year gets under way. For the government may not be buying up Mayfair or Park Lane, but the shortage of housing and steep property prices remains a pressing issue this month. While the State keeps a watchful eye on the gasworks, as fuel pricing and the supply of it are still stirring up discontent.

However, on a positive note there is no better Sign than level-headed Capricorn to set in motion any necessary changes. As this no-nonsense goat combines the Cardinal element required to initiate action, with a naturally cautious and realistic temperament. So any dicey practices should be shaken up this month from loan companies and debt collectors, to the government throwing the lucky 6 chief fuel suppliers into disarray.

As in particular the New Moon, Mercury and Venus uniting should bring about a little help in the area of heating, utility bills and provisions for the elderly, including their State Pension. Although the full implementation of this may seem slow, as Saturn ruled Capricorn is all about the long-haul, taking their time over matters. While retrograde Venus in conserving Capricorn faces off against retrograde Jupiter in homely Cancer throughout January, preventing complete solutions until Venus turns direct in time for Valentine’s Day and Jupiter the month after.  

This lack of progress fuels further friction this month, heightened by a challenging square formation as 2014 commences in a game of connect 4 between all 4 Cardinal elements. For Libra Mars, Cancer Jupiter and Uranus in Aries square-up to Capricorn Planets. Therefore, expect tension to run high, this square seemingly boxing in those in power, unable to make the right next move. As the government plays their own game of Twister, trying to provide a helping hand for families under Jupiter in Cancer’s influence, but loosing their financial footing, as opposing Planets in frugal Capricorn means one group benefits at the expense of another.

So while any ideas may look good on paper, with Mars in Libra it appears any attempts to pass legislations will meet with anger and divisions among people. As unexpected Uranus in Aries continues to cause individuals to demonstrate and riot, forcing Pluto in Capricorn to initiate changes. Although, hopefully by the Full Moon at home in Cancer on the 16th, there should be some kind of finalisation, as the Moon representing public seems to calm events.

At the same time you may also see some outcome over the issue of Scotland and devolution, as in the New Year they will decide whether to let old acquaintances be forgot or not? For Cardinal Placements activate England and Scotland, as well as further afar, as situations in Afghanistan should see some type of closure. Meanwhile, the economic situation in the US will come under further scrutiny, forcing it to adopt a series of radical reforms. For one thing is for sure Cardinal transits do not go by unnoticed, as all activity that has been bubbling below comes up to the surface on a extreme scale. So do not be surprised if there are national calamities and more severe weather conditions, which will no doubt have enduring effects with Saturn’s presence.

However, these events are all encouraging the individual to pursue a more humanitarian and spiritual outlook, considering those vulnerable and in need. Neptune at home in compassionate Pisces works in the background to attain this in the long-term on a universal basis, but from the 12th Mercury enters the visionary Sign of Aquarius, shortly followed by the Sun on the 20th. At this time attention should shift from the material, as the Sign of the Water-bearer promotes an attitude of the glass half full, rather than half empty, maintaining a little New Year cheer as January comes a-round!


Astrology January 2014
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