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Astrology March 2014

Published: Friday, 28 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

The month of March is upon us, but we are not quite yet marching forward as hoped. For it seems the pace this month is rather more ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ style, as just when one Planet progresses forward, another reverts into retrograde motion, leaving us like the rhyme, ‘neither up nor down’!

Although March does offer an opportunity to put that right foot forward, as the month begins and finishes with a New Moon in Pisces, strengthening the Sun and Neptune’s current placements in this compassionate Sign. For whereas previously Neptune’s nebulous quality has been creating confusion, misdirection and even uncontrollable weather conditions, the New Moon helps disperse the mists of Neptune. Even quite literally, as the spotlight shines on addressing the needs of those made helpless by recent weather disasters. While on a broader level, the Moon’s beams focus on the plight of those vulnerable and forgotten in the shadows of society, illuminating a fresh way ahead. This is particularly evident regarding necessary changes to care establishments such as hospitals and prisons, along with the provision of welfare and aid. As the Moon forces emphasis to move from bureaucracy and fulfilling quotas and targets, to actually fulfilling human basic living requirements.

A failure to do this could see March actually full of marches, as the Moon represents the public consciousness, so social movements and street demonstrations once more become a possibility, with work and health sectors highlighted in the UK. Whilst Neptune ruled Pisces is associated with dissolving and fluids of all kinds, so it is no surprise as the Scottish devolution argument gains momentum, consideration has shifted to the matter of oil and the North Sea rigs. However, on a positive note, Saturn and Jupiter in good aspect to these Planets in Pisces encourage a smoother implementation of plans that are for the common good. This is further necessitated by Mercury joining Piscean Planets from the 23rd, after its retrograde phase in Aquarius moving direct from the 2nd bringing clarity, especially regarding humanitarian interests, along with straightening out any electronic miscommunications and transport mix-ups.

Although, this March may still seem a little like marching on the spot, taking one step forward, but two back. For as Mercury advances into forward motion, Libra Mars reverses back into retrograde motion joined by Saturn in Scorpio from the 3rd. Therefore, it appears before we trample onto pastures new, Mars stirs up old debates and policies, with Saturn providing another opportunity to amend these outdated or outstanding past issues. However, achieving this could prove painstaking, as from the 6th Venus unites with Mercury in Aquarius challenging Saturn. So expect some quarters to be deliberately controversial and rebellious to the rules and regulations laid down by Saturn. This may make it demanding to rectify previous acts, but worth the effort, as with the Moon’s Nodes remaining in Scorpio until mid-March any decisions reached will be enduring. However, a failure to correctly mend past mistakes could cause anger when the Moon’s Nodes unite with Mars, as from the 23rd the Moon’s Nodes transfer into Libra. This placement only exacerbated by challenging legal Jupiter in Cancer, Aries Uranus and Pluto in Capricorn, giving rise to discontent in the public domain.

Though positively, the North Node’s movement away from Scorpio and Saturn’s placement there lessens everyday problems, as stress is instead placed on the political realm and the application of official sanctions. Hence, as the Moon’s North Node relocates into the Sign of Libra, relating and relationships becomes of more importance, due to the burden of everyday responsibilities and shared finances lessening as this separation of the North Node from Scorpio and Saturn takes place. This is further supported by Jupiter in Cancer set in direct motion from the 6th, bringing a more hopeful and promising outlook to family and home concerns. While with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 16th, the possibility to bring closure to past worries and the needs of those most vulnerable now exists.

On a global scale this Full Moon in Virgo could have a finalising effect on the situation in the Ukraine, but perhaps not without further aggressive action as Mars connects with the Full Moon. Also its influence should be apparent regarding the situation in Egypt, as the direction of the country continues to appear incompatible with the desires of the people. With this month’s Piscean New Moons being the catalyst for surprising activity relating to the power and social standing of the country. As is the case in Greece and Mexico, where eliminating Pluto is activated, with Greece this accompanies action relating to work and healthcare. Whereas Mexico the governing command of the country is rocked, perhaps in relation to drug wars there, as Neptune is naturally associated with this area, as well as deceptions, even to the point of assassinations.

Although used positively, these Piscean New Moons can open up the channels to great spirituality or creative outlets. With the beginning New Moon of this month preceding the Oscar ceremony, as human suffering and enlightened creativity is rewarded. Therefore these Piscean New Moons can be the medium for achieving edifying, purposeful progress, aided by the Sun entering Aries from the 21st, triggering all four Cardinal Signs. So March’s challenging obstacles utilised can spur marching to the top of that hill, then taking time to appreciate the view!

Astrology March 2014
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