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Astrology November 2013

Published: Monday, 18 November 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

No November is complete without an array of fireworks. But this month, the cosmos is putting on its own natural display, as the Moon eclipses the brightest star in the sky causing a ‘supernova-ber’. So remember, remember to take heed of the message lit up in the sky this November!

For, as Firework’s month of November begins, the Sign of Scorpio dominates proceedings, but this month sees this deadly Scorpion entrapped in his own ring of fire. For the Sun in Scorpio advances forward, only to find this Planet’s fire-work routine restricted by Saturn’s rings. While added to this, October’s Halloween leaves a trick behind in the form of meddlesome Mercury, still retrograde in Scorpio until the 11th. So, expect a few ‘tails of the unexpected’ from this stinging Scorpion, as the month kicks off with difficulties and delays remaining the ‘order of the day’, or more appropriately ‘disorder of the delay’.

This is particularly evident regarding those ‘coppers’, whether it be those pennies in our piggy banks or any uniformed public services. For disruptions to normal services will continue, while joint money from investments and bank accounts to insurances and lottery payouts, is affected. As conditions at this time mean mix-ups and miscalculations are probable. Furthermore, the public money jar may appear fuller than it really is under this transit, but once Mercury turns direct, there may only be a penny left for a guy, as heavyweight Saturn limits government spending.

However, there will be no penny left for the cosmic meter on the 3rd, as the skies schedule a power cut of its very own, as a powerful Scorpio New Moon, accompanied by an Annular Solar Eclipse, puts the Sun’s light out. The extent of its influence may not be truly appreciated until the New Year, when Mars enters Scorpio activating events, but its message emphasises the ‘No’ in November. For this eclipse is modified by existing Scorpio planetary movements, thus not only affecting all the taboo subjects ruled by Scorpio, but Capricorn’s domain also due to Saturn’s close connection. As responsible Saturn acts like November’s firework safety instructions, forcing us to follow guidelines, double-check matters, stay within boundaries and step back from entertainment. In essence, applying essential cutbacks and distributing finances and resources more effectively among all, aided by Venus offering Pluto a helping hand as it enters Capricorn on the 5th.

For together, this duo endeavour to implement new rules and regulations benefiting all, by rewarding hard work against those in desperate times of need. With Pluto’s presence counterbalancing the Venus tendency to overspend, particularly regarding banking and big corporations. Although, unsettling Uranus still hovering in the background will mean further unfair practices remain unearthed, whether this be literally regarding the use of Earth’s resources, as the idea of fracking and nuclear energy continues to cause controversy, or in an institutional sense. This coming to a crescendo on the 17th, when the Full Moon enters Taurus, as financial hubs are spotlighted, the New York Stock Exchange in particular.

Astrology November 2013
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