Astrology The 10th House

The Tenth House is an Angular Cardinal House, describing our ambition and outward expression. This House often includes our career, as naturally people have to earn a living, so the essential meaning of this House is security.

The Tenth House is ruled by Capricorn, a practical and cautious Sign, opposing the Fourth. It refers to any security-making matters outside the home, and is often linked with the Father or the parent who is the main breadwinner. The type of career we choose also comes under this domain, as does a trade or profession, specifically one passed down from perhaps Father to Son. Nowadays it best describes our attainment in life, and how and where we achieve success.

Any planets in the Tenth House will help us achieve recognition, but can give a controlling element unless we incorporate it’s attributes into our public image. This House emphasises our image to the world, and involves our reputation for good or bad. The Tenth House at best describes our standing in the world and how we would like to be seen in contributing to society as a whole. Tenth House functions are strongly shaped during childhood by our parents, or at least by the person who represents the authority or main disciplinarian in our lives.

How we are taught and perceive discipline and the ways of the world will in turn show later in life through how we respond to authority figures in general. Also our career can be influenced by our parents, and we in turn can try and impose our unfulfilled ambitions on our children. The Planet ruling the Midheaven and its placement by Sign, House and aspect will shed light on career choice and vocations.

However, the Second and Sixth Houses will also include the types of professions best suited to the individual. So when transiting or progressed planets reach the Tenth House, we may gain recognition or be promoted, or decide to change careers if we feel dissatisfied. Alternately, if we are not working correctly we may end up dismissed.

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