Astrology 11th House 

The Eleventh House is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. It is an Air Succedent House which is a detached, intellectual sign opposite the Fifth. Therefore it refers to connections, interests and objectives which are more detached than the Fifth, and usually involve groups of likeminded people on a wide scale.

Humanitarian issues and groups of people joined together for a common cause are starred, such as helping people of Countries battling famine or trying to save the planet. This includes people joined together as friends and acquaintances through social groups, or especially in clubs or societies which meet for a common cause.

It is sometimes called the House of hopes and wishes, which are subject to change and do not possess the heartfelt personal desires of the Fifth. At the same time, the Eleventh House reflects areas of our lives that are outside our personal control. Large groups of people can sway the masses into directions they would not normally take. We are in control of our own future in many ways, but at certain times in our lives we will be vulnerable to the good-will of other people or of the universe. Connections to the world involve continuing movement, so technical ingenuity aids us to do this by inventions.

At a deeper level, the Eleventh House represents the attempt to go beyond ego-identity and do something greater for mankind as a whole. The main way of achieving this is through a belief or ideology. Adoption comes under the Eleventh House also, as you spend time caring for another person’s child for the goodness of humanity.

The Uranian side of the Eleventh House represents the kind of group consciousness shown by spiritual Teachers, Mystics and Visionaries. Groups which feel neglected or betrayed by existing Laws, or people with strong Planets here, will work tirelessly for humanitarian or political reforms to help implement necessary changes. On a personal note transiting Planets may help a person attain their desired goals or deepest wishes.

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