Astrology The 12th House

The Twelfth House governed by Pisces, a Water sign ruled by Neptune, is also a Mutable Cadent House. Like Pisceans this House is linked to the emotional, intuitive and psychic qualities and keeping things well hidden.

On a positive note individuals with a strong Twelfth House placement can sacrifice for a greater good. However, as it opposes the Sixth house, it also refers to more serious states of ill-health and incarceration in hospital or prison. Therefore this House is considered your own House of self-undoing, often imposed by your own neglect and past mistakes.

It is also called the House of sorrows, which are usually concealed, or the parts of our unconscious we are unwilling to accept. In a more factual way it is the House to do with the less tangible, such as gases and anaesthetics.

Areas which are boundless such as your imagination and the sea, also prisoners, deceivers and your secret enemies come under this domain. Perhaps the most modern interpretation of this House is the unconscious part of us we are not brave enough to confront, but used positively we can  tap into deep inspirations, and the most mystical of spirituality. Alternately we can use this compassion to heal and cure people, or partake in truly empathetic vocations.

On a deeper level it is the dissolution of our ego, the hope of returning to a blissful state of mind and the longing for peace. However, not many of us are willing to acknowledge our own personal gratifications for self-transcendence. The boundaries between the self and others may create confusion about where we begin and where other people end, but if we open up our hearts and empathise we can show real compassion to others we share the earth with.

People with a powerful Twelfth House placement will either be sneaky or escape the world altogether or more positively work painstakingly for a cause aiding the poor or infirm. As Planets transit your Twelfth House you may have to address hidden areas of your life, or visit hospitals for treatment. Eventually feeling refreshed mentally or physically, ready for a new beginning as you reach the First House once again.

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