Astrology The 1st House

The First House refers to the person and to a greater extent your personal characteristics, and may be modified by the Planets in the First House and the Sign on the cusp. This Angular Cardinal House covers the physical body, health and temperament of the person.

The First House is the part of the chart that begins with the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. The Ascendant is the point of space that was on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth, and describes your persona and how the world sees you. The First House differs from the Ascendant as it indicates what is important to each of us as individuals.

The First House of personality and self is totally concerned with you personally and individuality. The First House is like your front door the threshold to your own personal attributes. It also describes your early years and the sort of childhood experiences you may have had.

In the natural Zodiac which begins with 0 degrees Aries, the First House is assigned to Aries, irrespective of the actual Sign on the cusp and will carry a trace of openness, vitality, and the aggression of Aries. Planets in the First House indicate how we engage in the environment around us, and what our tastes are and those things we consider private.

The Planets and Signs in the First House indicate the kind of functions we personally use that become valuable to our own unique identity, and the realization of life’s potential capabilities. We cannot be complete as a person until we explore and develop these qualities to their full extent. Therefore, First House energies can also affect how others see us, and the effect we have on others through the opposing Seventh House.

The First House, as ruled by Mars will give you an individual identity, and define your personal approach to life. Therefore through transits and progressions you will experience new opportunities to grow and explore your own unique nature.

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