Astrology The 2nd House

The Second House is the area of our own personal resources, showing how you make money and where it goes. This house is a Fixed Succulent house ruled by Venus, so it is also connected to the Venus ruled Seventh House, indicating the influence other people can have on your income and expenditures.

Any Planets positioned in this House will have an influence and impact on your earnings. If you have no Planets in this House, then the Sign on the Second House cusp will directly impact your personal resources. Personal resources are not only defined by money, but also cover any movable possessions.

Your physical resources include money and material goods, and your ability to utilise your talents to their best effect in the everyday wider world. Mental resources include your capability to plan, make decisions, and co-ordinate effectively. Emotional resources help you understand other people’s feelings, and connect and withdraw from tasks in an appropriate manner.

While spiritual resources include your position in the universe and involve your inner satisfaction through finding your true means of income. House placements designate what we value and hope to gain in life, so when our values change our life-focus can change dramatically.

The Second House defines our own true worth and skills along with possessions we can call our own. Our values are determined by our own self worth, which is built on our individual ability to earn money. However, sometimes monetary values become spiritual, in the sense that you are rewarded by doing work that you enjoy, in return giving something back to nature or the universe.

On a more basic level, the Second House indicates what constitutes our personal security, so if something makes us feel safe and secure we will subsequently wish to acquire it. Initially people are judged on their possessions, until their true self worth is established. Transiting planets may give us a chance to address our values, or give us a pay rise therefore increasing our earnings.

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