Astrology The 3rd House

The Third House ruled by Mercury governs communications of all kinds, electronically and written. It also deals with our everyday life, including transport and connections with our neighbours and siblings. It conveys our early education and learning potential and modes of expression.

Mercury indicates what we have learned through the vehicle of communicating, and how our minds are organized. The Planet rules the Signs of Gemini and Virgo, the Mutable messengers that bring ideas together, analysing methods and ideas to reach a practical level of communication that everyone can agree on.

Overall the Third House demonstrates how you express yourself to others, and also how you think.This House illustrates how you make preliminary contact and interact with another, and also your ability to learn. The initial boundary of ‘my territory’ is of course the family, and in particular, brothers and sisters.

Planets in your third house can provide an idea of how you communicate and what you enjoy intellectually. Knowledge is a process of gathering facts and then processing them, but is valueless unless passed on accurately. Planets in the Third House often correlate with frequent changes in your environment in the formative years. While the opposite Ninth House, is often involved with the signing of legal documents, such as a house move abroad.

At best this House deals with our day-to-day familiar affairs. In other words it represents what we do each day on a routine basis. The nervous system is ruled by Mercury, along with hearing and speech. So any indications of hearing and speech defects can be linked to Mercury and the Third House.

The Third House reveals early development in children, as well as early education and communication skills. Transits or progressions to this House may bring changes involving any or all of the above, but will certainly impact us on a day to day basis and may involve more movement and communication generally.

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