Astrology 4th House

The Fourth House is another Cardinal House ruled by Watery Cancer, a protective Sign, referring to anything enclosed from the womb to the grave. From its position in the chart comes the meaning of the base, as a home and the basis for one’s start in life.

This House also generally refers to the mother, but nowadays the mother does not always connect herself solely to the home as in previous years, so the nurturing parent is preferable. In particular the Water Houses are connected to the private and hidden, and also the mystical and unconscious areas of your life.

At the deepest level, the Fourth House represents our psychological foundations, not just in a personal sense, but it also connects with our Ancestral origins. On a personal level, the Fourth House represents the place where we feel comfortable and can withdraw from the world. Therefore this House contains our early conditioning, and the kind of parenting we received.

This House also reveals how and where we look for emotional support and help when in need. Traditionally, the Fourth House is also associated with ‘endings’, referring to retirement, our end of life and satisfactory conclusions. Therefore the opposite, Tenth House is usually involved, as authority figures including the stronger parent are located here.

The Fourth House, the Sign, and Planets in this house all indicate the ways in which home, family, and core beliefs operate in our lives. Home is where we find family, and where we source initial information of the wider world. So therefore, if our foundations or core beliefs are not suitable, we need to examine them and make necessary changes.

We all will live in various abodes and with various people throughout our lives, so we will need to make adjustments to our own needs until we feel secure in our surroundings. Transits and progressions will shake up our roots from time to time, helping us grow and strengthen our core.

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