Astrology The 5th House

The Fifth House is a Fire Succulent House ruled by the Sun, describing our personal creativity as a person. It also expresses our desire for fun and our love affairs. This House also rules our children and how we engage in the pleasures of life, whether through gambling, risk taking or speculation.

This House placement is of active imagination, enabling us to express the core sense of our being and discover who we really are. This can occur through the realm of our inner universe or through the outer world. In many ways the Fifth House corresponds to the child within us, free to have fun and explore life for self-development. Therefore its opposite House, the Eleventh involves friendship which is usually shared in social pursuits.

As adults, perhaps the most natural form of self-expression is to love, whereas children love to play.  When we are in love we feel complete, and can feel free and fanciful in our imagination, forgetting the heavier responsibilities of life. Perhaps this is why some people get hooked on gambling, and drift from one relationship to another, perpetually engulfed in the ecstasy of the moment. Hopefully through having children of our own, we will release and keep in touch with the child within us. Otherwise we need to find a suitable creative or pleasurable outlet instead.

Planets in this House describe how our energy is released, putting an emphasis on a strong pleasuring principle, unless Heavy planets dampen our expression. The nature of life is to grow, and this House reflects our urge to expand and radiate in life, like the Sun. The Sun is akin to your personal ego, which needs to shine, be worshipped and surrounded by attention.

This House is basically associated with hobbies, amusements, and spare-time pleasures, but describes activities that make us feel good about ourselves. So transits and progressions to this House will open up new opportunities for fun and pleasure.

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