Astrology The 6th House

The Sixth House is a Mutable Cadent House ruled by Virgo, signifying services supplied to others, so is associated with work. This House is also connected with health and hygiene, as Virgos possess a love of cleanliness and purity.

In any group or organisation, combining arrangement with efficiency results in a properly functioning unit. Similarly, it is the efficient functioning or service given by each cell of the body which makes a healthy body. The focus of this House therefore is on necessity to ensure the mundane realities of life are catered for, by concentrating on skilled and hard work.

This House demands us to work daily on our obligations, in particular work that provides assistance to others and work colleagues. However on the other hand, too much time devoted to our daily obligations and not enough on pleasurable pursuits, results in physical and mental unrest. This is why this House is concerned on a fundamental level with finding a balance between work and play. Otherwise health problems will occur, especially if the work we do is unfulfilling and meaningless.

This House can signify the kind of work we enjoy, as well as work that is best suited to us personally. It has associations with the Opposite Twelfth House, as health and hospitals go hand in hand.

Any Planets situated in the Sixth House can indicate healing abilities or an interest in health and fitness. On a physical level the Planets can pinpoint how and where illnesses can occur in our body, if we do not keep a check on our work and health habits generally.

The Sixth House explores the relationship between what we are inside and what surrounds us on the outside, so combines the purpose of our well-being through performing daily skills and tasks we have developed.  Overwork strains the health, and too little work can leave us listless and lethargic.

In today’s fast-paced society people are regularly exploited until transiting planets force us to change work habits, usually due to ill health. Small pets also come under the sixth house. 

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