Astrology The 7th House

The Seventh House is a Cardinal House and associated with the Sign of Libra. This House is therefore ruled by the Planet Venus and linked with the Second House, due to Venus jointly ruling Signs, Taurus and Libra.

As well as this association, the Seventh House is important as it opposes the Ascendant and the First House. So, while the First House represents how a person independently expresses his or herself, and gifts carried forward from a previous life (12th House), the Seventh House symbolizes the reverse. It reveals the attributes we work towards and the person we become when in relationships, as Libra has much to do with relating. Thus, ruled by Venus, unsurprisingly much of the time this House is concerned with permanent relationships.

Favorable Planets located in the Seventh House such as Venus and Jupiter can subsequently denote luck in enduring relationships. Therefore, charts with activity in this House can signify numerous relationship opportunities. However, whereas the Fifth House is usually concerned with more short-term love affairs, this House brings a more serious tone to relationships, promising the possibility of marriage or long-term relationships.

Those with badly afflicted Planets located in this House should take care when embarking upon such relationships. However, all Planets are always open to interpretation, so Uranus located in the House may just foretell a sudden union, whereas Saturn may simply indicate an individual’s preference for older partners. For this House also illustrates the type of partner a person looks for.

Although not solely restricted to romantic partnerships, this House also governs other types of relationships, particularly working ones. For Libra is concerned with balance, considering how a person adapts to others. Subsequently, the Seventh House is a special House, initiating the move to Houses concerned with the outer world, progressing from individual to collective.

Further strengthened by its Cardinal nature and angular position, meaning aspects and transits bring events into the public domain, perhaps in the union of marriage or relating to Law and Justice, as Libra is the scales of fairness.

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