Astrology The 8th House

The Eighth House is a Fixed House and correlates to the Sign of Scorpio. The Sign has a natural affinity with its ruler, Pluto, the Planet of transformation. For Scorpio is capable of delving down to dark depths, displaying self-destructive tendencies of the Scorpion, or soaring as high as an eagle.

In this sense it has the potential for rebirth, like a phoenix from the ashes, and it is therefore in this House where the cycle of life takes place. From birth to death and the act of procreation in-between, as this House governs intimacy and Sexual activity. So those with an abundance of Planets situated in the Eight House may place more emphasis on having an active sex life, than those with an absence of Planets in this House.

The same can be said for the way an individual expresses themselves in this area, as an individual who has restrained Saturn in this House may be more inhibited than someone who has Fiery Mars positioned in this House. Although this House does not only relate to sharing in a bodily sense, but also presides over the sharing of resources. Thus, joint assets such as bank accounts, property/investments or taxes and insurance can be seen through this House, along with an individual’s capability to attain joint funds.

Subsequently, an individual with Jupiter in this House could attain wealth with ease in a shared sense, suggesting an inheritance or pursuits such as Lottery syndicates should prove fruitful. Whereas, an individual with Neptune in this House may find such wealth will constantly elude them. While this sharing may also pertain to the sharing of secrets and investigation, as the House’s Plutonian ruler is strongly associated with what is hidden.

When transits and progressions occur to this House, an undertaking of financial responsibilities such as a mortgage may take place, or a death of outmoded ways, signifying new beginnings and successful recovery.

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