Astrology The 9th House

The Ninth House is a Mutable House, linked to the Sign of Sagittarius. The Ruler being the expansive Planet, Jupiter and it is this expansive nature which can be witnessed through the Ninth House. As this House has much to do with the broadening of individual’s horizons.

Thus, like the symbol of Sagittarius, half-man and part horse, this can take two forms. Either there is a broadening of the mind, through a quest for knowledge and philosophical pursuits, or alternatively a galloping away, as physical travel takes precedence. Therefore, those who have strong planetary activity in their Ninth House may display an immense desire to cultivate their intellect, making great teachers, religious preachers or spiritual leaders, as the collective form is continued in the Ninth House.

The realms of the education sector, law, writing and publishing among others are particularly highlighted. Conversely, this may also be evident in an overwhelming wanderlust to explore unknown distant lands and cultures, whether for pleasure, through a vocational calling or to earn a living.

Although, the fact that the Ninth House is a Mutable House means that it is ever-changing, constantly open to outside factors, particularly experiences with in-laws or an affinity with large animals, as the Ninth House has a strong association with both.

So as people can continue to learn or venture elsewhere, so are their personal values and beliefs susceptible to alter. This is particularly evident if the changeable Moon or Outer Planets are located in this House. As for example, with Uranus, a sudden change of belief may take place during a person’s life.

While with Neptune, individuals may find it difficult to define what they do in fact believe in. Equally, those with positive aspects to their Ninth House may find it easy to influence others around to their way of thinking.

Favorable transits and progressions to the Ninth House can signify a time to embark on a great journey or period of study; dreams can become more abundant or a different outlook on life may be adopted.

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