Astrology Retrograde Planets

Many people see life as a game, and if this is the case perhaps the best way to explain planetary movements is to compare them to the game of Snakes and Ladders.

Planetary Movements

For most of the time Planets progress steadily forward, influencing our lives in positive and negative ways, with the usual ups and downs or be it, ‘Snakes and Ladders’. However once in a while these Planets come across a large Snake, causing them to go into backward motion, and our lives seeming to us to spin out of control at this time, and here we have what is commonly termed, Planets in ‘retrograde’!

Retrograde planets

Therefore, those who are aware of the time when Planets turn retrograde may dread this particular time coming around, as they know the difficulties and delays which this period can ensue. However, others may embrace this time, knowing how to turn that sly snake into a lucky ladder.

As when a Planet turns retrograde, it in a sense asks individuals to look inwardly for answers at this time, instead acting on an instinctive level, rather than solely in response to outside factors.

Natal Retrograde Positions

Although you may ask, what happens at this time to the people who are born with a retrograde Planet at birth? Well as you might expect, when Planets turn retrograde, individuals who have this Planet retrograde at birth feel the positive effects. As for them this period feels completely natural, due to the fact that they operate in this manner usually.

Retrograde illusion

However, Planets are never actually moving backwards or stationary in the sky, it is just a trick the Zodiac plays, making them appear so from our perspective on Earth. Essentially, what happens is the Earth cheekily overtakes the Planet in question in its orbit. Therefore making it look like the outraged Planet stops and hits reverse, before restarting its journey forward again on the cyclic course through the sky, otherwise termed as going ‘direct’. Although it is worth bearing in mind, that even when a retrograde Planet turns direct, the effects of its retrograde motion are still present to a degree. The Planet’s energy only starts to completely flow freely again when it reaches the degree at which it stopped.

Retrograde influence

Thus, as a Planet is retrograde it slows down or grinds to a halt, subsequently magnifying its energy and intensifying a person’s chart if it aspects a Planet at a close degree. While, those who have a Planet retrograde at birth feel such effects for a lifetime throughout their chart. As they undertake the task of working on lessons from a previous lifetime, due to misusing energies. Therefore, it is often stated that a retrograde Natal Planet denotes an area of weakness or debilitation in a chart. Furthermore, due to this it is important to note the time when this retrograde Natal Planet turns direct by progression, as there can be significant changes in this area for those born with this Planet retrograde.

The Luminaries 

So, it follows that these effects differ dramatically depending upon the Retrograde Planet involved, excluding the Sun and Moon, as they are really Luminaries and thus do not possess the ability to retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

Perhaps the most widely talked about planetary retrograde being Mercury, as the Planet is retrograde for the longest time, spending around 20 percent of its cycle in retrograde mode. Furthermore, when this happens you sure know about it, as among other aspects Mercury represents your everyday routine.

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