Astrology - Mars Retrograde

Mars Transiting Retrograde 


Mars is the warrior Planet, named after the Roman god of War and therefore when it turns retrograde you could say like the film, ‘Mars attacks’! For this Planet among other aspects represents both positive and negative aggression, but when retrograde it is difficult to find a natural outlet to express this. However, as all this energy is being internalised, individuals feel an over emphasis to assert themselves at this time. Therefore, egos will be over-inflated; tempers will flare up and arguments will arise. As the atmosphere at this time is so highly charged, it just needs someone to light the fuse. Furthermore, this tense episode can last for up to four months, occurring every two and a half years, so under this transit try to find alternative channels to vent this energy.

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Therefore, calming pursuits such as meditation or yoga may disperse energies. Alternatively strenuous labour or solitary exercise such as kick boxing practise may release tensions, but be careful when participating in competitive sports with others as this may result in quarrels or injury. This also applies to handling sharp objects, as Mars governs this area, so accidents are possible and scheduled surgery of any kind at this time is best avoided unless an emergency.

This also relates to Court cases or any situation which could evolve into power struggles. For if you cannot postpone the affair, try using a little restraint, as Mars retrograde is the time that tests individuals to be assertive in the correct way. Thus,

Military and Police may act particularly bravely at this time, but rash decisions of going to War could arise. The same can be said for reckless and dangerous activities including driving fast, as drivers can be erratic and mishaps are more likely under this transit.

Alternatively, Mars unable to find an outlet in other ways may bring about tension headaches and sinus trouble, due to this blockage. These effects perhaps being more evident in those with Arian Natal Planets, as Mars traditionally rules this Sign, with Aries relating to the head.

Mars Natal Retrograde


Those born with Mars Retrograde may have a difficult time balancing their energies, as it signifies that in a previous life they misused this energy in some way. It seems they may have chosen to bury this aspect of their personality, either by not acknowledging this energy, displaying timidity when bravery was necessary, or by demonstrating inappropriate uncontrollable outbursts. In this lifetime they must work on managing this force properly, by developing a healthy sense of self and asserting themselves at the correct moments. Apart from the Sign Mars is in, also observing Aries’ position in your Natal Chart will help you gain an idea of which area of your life requires most attention if this applies to you.

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