Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Transit

So if you feel like you are having a time when everything seems to be going wrong, perhaps it is worth checking to see if Mercury is retrograde. Due to the fact that Mercury turns retrograde three or four times a year, playing havoc with your life for an average of twenty-two days each time. The Planet is named after the Roman messenger of the Gods, meaning that its antics are most noticeable in the areas of movement (especially short journeys) and all forms of communication. This ranges from computers, telephones and posting letters to driving, signing documents or starting a relationship. So when Mercury retrogrades you might want to vacate your life for this period, but don’t be astonished if you have trouble getting away. For flights will be delayed; traffic jams will occur and mix-ups with tickets will follow, as this is all under mischievous Mercury’s domain. 

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Therefore to avoid such disasters this is a time when careful planning is necessary, allowing extra time for important events and double-checking details. While, any plans which can be put on hold should be. For a new car or electrical appliances bought will end up faulty; while a contract signed will contain unfavourable terms in the small print. Furthermore, projects initiated will never come to fruition and new romantic relationships will bring quarrels and lack the communication necessary to sustain them. As what is particularly important to remember, is that when a Planet turns direct once more, you will feel differently about the decision you made when it was retrograde. Therefore the big decisions in life should wait, particularly for those who are ruled by Mercury. For those with the Mercury ruled Signs of Virgo and Gemini prominent in their chart will feel Mercury’s retrograde effect most profoundly. However, others should look to the areas governed by these Signs in their chart, to ascertain where to tread carefully.

However, Mercury retrograde is not all doom and gloom with the emphasis being on the ‘re’ in retrograde, as it is a great time to restart, redo and rectify past endeavours. For this period gives individuals the opportunity to readdress the past.

Mercury Retrograde Natal

While those born with Mercury Retrograde at birth are an exception to the rules above. For Mercury maybe known as the ‘Trickster’ of the Cosmos, but these individuals can outwit this trickster, as like Mercury they do not play by the usual rules. Instead there is a particular emphasis in this lifetime to communicate in a clear and distinctive manner, as it is commonly believed that in past lives these individuals communication was often not clear to others. There is the possibility that in past-lives, those born with Mercury Retrograde may have been some kind of charlatan; lying or at the very least exaggerating the truth. Therefore they must work on this aspect in this lifetime, whether through learning difficulties or by excelling as a Writer or Orator. However, if you have this placement you should take care not to get caught up in tiny details, as it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. 

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