Astrology Neptune Retrograde

Neptune Transiting Retrograde 

Neptune is named after the Roman god of the seas, and like the sea its depths are difficult to plummet and its quality tricky to quantify. For Neptune is a higher vibration of Venus and with that in mind it is no surprise its energy is boundless, being all around us externally and internally. Therefore, when it goes retrograde once a year for several months, it is not so much that the Planet dramatically changes us, but that we are more attuned with its vibrations. You will find at this time that you will go through a particularly creative stage, feeling full of ideas and inspiration. Thus, those involved in the Arts will likely discover this to be an especially gratifying period. Playwrights will create great works and Songwriters hit the correct note, and under this transit the idea may have seem to have come from out of nowhere.

This transit is also favourable for gaining enlightenment into your life’s purpose and spiritual growth, as you can make considerable advances under this retrograde motion. Your psychic ability may be enhanced, dreams can be visionary and there is even the possibility of déjà vu experiences, particularly as Neptune now occupies its home Sign of Pisces. However, individuals should not abuse this higher octave planetary energy and use it in a beneficial and imaginative manner. For at its worst Neptune being the planet of self-delusion and confusion can cause individuals to be plagued by self-doubt, even verging on paranoia, or to be consumed in not always positive escapist tendencies.

Neptune Natal Retrograde

Many individuals are born with Neptune retrograde and due to it taking fourteen years to travel through each Sign, these individuals share a similar Neptune retrograde experience. Thus, they will usually feel the subtle undercurrents of this transit. However, those with a strong Piscean influence resonating through their chart or powerful aspects to Neptune will no doubt be more aware of Neptune’s retrograde station. For them a spiritual awakening is possible or questioning of their beliefs, but at the same time there is susceptibility to deceptions of some kind present here. This maybe due to others being deceitful, as you see others in a too idealist way, or if you have this placement, watch that you are not just fooling yourself concerning a matter.

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