Astrology Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Transiting Retrograde 

The Planet, Pluto relates to the god of the underworld, and with this in mind it is logical that this Planet is concerned with issues which are hidden below the surface. This can take many forms including underlying power struggles, as Pluto has much to do with this element, or undiscovered talents and secrets. Also, unconscious behaviour such as psychological obsessions and fears fall within Pluto’s province. Therefore, mostly these issues can manage to remain dormant below the surface, but when Pluto retrogrades once a year, these few months can see human volcanic eruptions, as all that has built up bubbles into view.

Predominantly issues relating to wielding power arise, as Pluto being a Planet of extremes, turns the pressure dial up wherever it falls in your natal chart, or where the Sign of Scorpio is positioned. Both associated with elimination and transformation, this Planet silently operates on you to undergo some type of major reconstructive work. This may cause individuals to let go of their grasp on power or increase their grip and this can go hand in hand with manipulative and compulsive behaviour. To avoid adopting these negative traits, this is a good time to undertake psychological therapy, particularly if you have any longstanding, debilitating issues.

However, like the preceding Outer Planets, Pluto’s unhurried trek through each Sign taking between twelve to twenty-four years means its effects are felt collectively. When stationed in Sagittarius there was a challenging of belief systems, Higher Education and modes of travel. Now in Capricorn, we can see powerful institutions and hierarchies challenged, from the Government and Police to Banking and Building industries. By the time it reaches Aquarius, we should see radical reformation, humanitarian concerns highlighted and our reliance on technology, aviation and medical advances questioned.

Pluto Natal Retrograde

Those who are born with Pluto retrograde are concerned with the exploitation of power in all its forms during their lifetime, carrying with them karmic debts and issues of power previously abused. This can develop into an obsession with attaining power if they do not keep this hunger for control tamed. However, if they swing too far to the other end of the spectrum, their personality can appear suppressed or subdued. If you have this placement, it is advisable to try to tap into this powerhouse in bursts, using this energy in a controlled way you can be a great re-organiser and at best a brilliant reformist.

In summary, having a little knowledge of Planet’s retrograde transits and those retrograde Planets you may possess within your Natal chart, means that when the dice rolls in this planetary game of Snakes and Ladders, it should be loaded more in your favour!










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