Retrograde Saturn

Saturn Transiting Retrograde

Saturn could in fact be Father Time himself, as it is viewed as father of the gods and it calls for you at particular times in life to make necessary alterations to your current circumstances. Therefore its retrograde motion is one of these particular instances, occurring around about once a year, lasting for four or five months. This consequently means that during this occurrence Saturn’s presence can aspect your Natal chart up to three times before the transit concludes. Much like Dickens’ ghosts of past, present and future it calls with your wake-up call. However, you might be able to press the snooze button at first, but eventually the alarm will go off, and you must look to your Natal chart to establish which area is in dire need of attention.

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For example if Saturn transits your Seventh House, then a relationship may need defining, whether this is through making a union permanent or separating completely, only you will know. However, what Saturn does promise is a dose of extra discipline wherever it goes. Therefore, if the Planet is concentrated on yourself, you may find you lose weight, whether through your own dietary choice or other factors such as overwork. While, transits to your Tenth House will stop you just strategising about career plans and get you into action. This transit may feel like accommodating an unwanted visitor at the time, jolting you out of a rut with sudden a shock. However, Saturn’s departure could leave you in a better place with a spring in your step, having improved outmoded parts of your life.

Individuals with Capricorn emphasised in their chart, along with Aquarius will be most aware of Saturn’s retrograde period. Look to the Houses these Signs occupy in your chart, along with Saturn’s placement.

Saturn Natal Retrograde

Those born with Saturn Retrograde were most probably the epitome of the rolling stone in previous lifetimes, in that they let their responsibilities fall by the wayside, choosing instead to abandon those who relied upon them. This may have been out of a Saturnian’s fear of failure or an inertia to even try, but whatever the reason there is previous avoidance somewhere. They could have neglected their partner and parental duties; failed to takeover the family business or absconded from the Army. Therefore, in this lifetime they are given the opportunity to confront their responsibilities, moving from a rolling stone to a stepping stone, and rising above life’s challenges.

While those with Saturn retrograde may feel this discipline so deeply that it may cause deep cynicism and restrict their flow of emotions, even surfacing in a physical blockage in their body. Also as Saturn rules the bones and skeletal structure, Arthritic conditions can arise in these individuals. Therefore, an effective outlet is needed to combat these conditions. Furthermore, if you have this placement, the time when your progressed Saturn turns direct will be a pivotal turning point in your life, lifting some of the pressure from this Planet’s restrictive nature.

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