Astrology Uranus Retrograde

Uranus Transiting Retrograde

The nature of Uranus looks exactly opposed to its predecessor, Saturn. However, in fact they counterbalance each other. As Saturn maintains the natural order, Uranus destroys what is unnatural in order to reform it. Therefore, when Uranus retrogrades for up to five months each year, we can see this restructuring acutely heightened. Furthermore, as Uranus spends seven years in each Sign, we have a clearer idea of what area these transformations will occur in. For when Uranus was in its natural home of Aquarius, great medical and scientific breakthroughs were evident, along with significant developments in innovation and technology, particularly the Internet.

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Therefore, being an outer Planet, Uranus’ effects may be felt more deeply in a generational, rather than personal way. However, having said this, you may notice distinctive changes if this transit aspects your personal Planets or the Sign of Aquarius is influential in your Natal Chart. Under these transits you may behave out of the ordinary, seeking freedom and change, sometimes at all costs. However, guard against making rash, irreversible changes at this time, such as resigning from a job or going ahead with divorce proceedings. For when Uranus turns direct you may not feel the same. So under this transit temporary changes are recommended, have a holiday or a leave of absence, just to test the waters. Although, for some, Uranus’ pressure on a particular issue will just give individuals the kick they needed to make major life changes.

Alternatively, these changes may be forced upon you, as Uranus can bring sudden shocks or extraordinary and unexpected occurrences, both favourable and not so in nature. Meanwhile, evolved souls will find they develop an elevated level of self knowledge under such transits.

Uranus Natal Retrograde

Many people are born with Uranus retrograde due to its leisurely journey through the Cosmos. Therefore, those groups of people may often be consumed with inner ideas of changing the world outside in some way, but they may remain just that dependent on other Natal chart factors. However, if this is not the case their life will surely be a journey of self-discovery, highlighting issues of freedom and obligations. Furthermore, if you have this placement, there may be an inner desire to stand out from the crowd in some way or you have an unique approach to seeing the world that others may fail to understand, and this can lead to you feeling frustrated. 

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