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Venus Transiting Retrograde


Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of Love, the Planet relates to beauty, diplomacy, affections and a general atmosphere of harmony. Therefore, it is fortunate that the Planet only turns retrograde every eighteen months for approximately six weeks. During which time this harmonious atmosphere is likely to cease, with romantic relationships experiencing what they might term as, ‘going through a bad patch’. While, those in the know, recognise Venus retrograde at work. For romance is one of the key areas affected by this Planet when retrograde, and due to this is it is not advisable to begin a new relationship under this retrograde motion. As in essence starting a relationship under Venus retrograde is like wearing rose tinted glasses, when the Planet goes direct you will realise the relationship is not what you thought it was!

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Although, a romance embarked upon just as Venus turns direct may start off as unexpected ‘love at first sight’, but can develop into something more substantial and meaningful when the Planet fully turns direct. Conversely, the same cannot be said for marriage plans or ceremonies under this transit, not if you want the marriage to stand the test of time!

The same applies to any purchases or beauty improvements undertaken whilst Venus is retrograde. For Venus is associated with the pleasures in life including shopping. So under this transit any items bought will be overpriced, or you will end up returning them or never using them. As when Venus goes direct, you will regret the purchase. Moreover, endeavours such as a new hairstyle or cosmetic surgery are best postponed, as they will only bring disappointing results. As retrograde Venus is concerned with finding inner beauty, rather than the outer façade.

To use retrograde Venus’ potential to the fullest, avoid overspending and seek out bargains, as this transit is a great time to find hidden gems lurking in charity shops. Alternatively, use your own inner resources to create something beautiful instead, as under this transit Writers or Artists can create their greatest works. While past hard work in this area may see rewards, such as previous home improvements netting you a greater house sale price.

Those with the Venus ruled Signs of Taurus and Libra pronounced in their Natal Chart will no doubt experience this retrograde Planet’s transit more considerably. While where the Signs are placed in an individual’s Natal Chart will help ascertain the way it affects each person, especially if Venus is retrograde at birth as there will be some limitations here.

Venus Natal Retrograde


For those born with Venus retrograde are thought to have in some way disregarded affection in a past life, whether through an intentional avoidance of demonstrating genuine emotions to others or an inability to know how to. As Venus also rules individual’s enjoyment of life, this may even extend further, making individuals seem miserly. Others may find individuals with Venus Retrograde come across as austere at times, when this is usually not the case. Therefore, in this lifetime if you possess this placement you are working on expressing yourself in an openly caring manner, rather than keeping secret affections and romanticising the past.

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