Astrology the Planets

Astrology is the art of studying the position and movement of the planetary bodies in the sky, in order to determine a connection between these planet’s movements and events in our lives on earth.

Each planet can give positive and negative effects on a person’s life; it just needs the right movements to light the touch-paper to our natal blueprint. The ultimate outcome can be beneficial, adverse or a combination of both, depending upon an individual’s birth chart and the soul’s evolution.

However, the planets and stars do not solely determine life’s events, as individuals possess free will and the power to change. Although, planets do incline us to act in a certain manner which in turn manifests itself in a particular way. To put it simply, the planetary picture in the heavens above influences events and outcomes on the Earth below.

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When our personal planets are joined by planetary influences, changes are forced upon us and actions have to be taken. Sometimes the finger of fate points a finger at us to correct past mistakes and failures, guiding us to our true destiny.

Traditional Astrology

In ancient times there were five planets that Astrologers could identify and observe in addition to the Sun and Moon. In traditional astrology the Sun and Moon were not considered planets and are usually referred to as ‘The lights’ or luminaries.

However, in Personal Horoscope interpretations, their locations and House positions are crucial. When the Sun and Moon join planets by transit or progression major changes take place.

The Sun rules our ego, vitality, father and men generally in our lives. While the Moon rules our emotions, home, mother and other females in our lives.

When the Sun is in good aspect in a woman’s chart, success and benefits come more easily to the men in her life. For a man, transiting planets to his natal or progressed Sun cultivate new opportunities, and a time for past rewards. So even though the Sun and Moon are not strictly classed as planets, their immense effect on our lives means they cannot be ignored. 

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