The Planets - Chiron

So-called ‘the Maverick’ in Astronomical circles, as this outsider does not quite fit in, for Chiron is classed as too big to be an Asteroid, but not large enough to qualify for planetary status.

Instead Chiron has inspired a new term, ‘planetoid’ meaning ‘planet-like’. Only having been discovered in 1977, much debate still rages over the significance of Chiron, with many Astrologers continuing to disregard its influence. However, those who have chosen to share Chiron’s enquiring nature have found this planetoid to be the gateway to understanding the outer planets. As positioned between Saturn and Uranus, this body pinches a little from both extremes, combining fixed, everyday reality with the idea of limitless possibilities. Perhaps explaining also why Chiron can be both healer and killer.

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For named after an immortal Centaur, half-man/horse in Greek mythology, who differed from animalistic Centaurs, by choosing to heal and teach others disciples, including Achilles among them. However, Chiron’s thirst for knowledge literally proved to be his own ‘Achilles Heel’. As according to legend, after injured by a poisoned arrow, he took it in his hand to study, but dropped the arrow into his hoof. Therefore causing a fatal wound, unable to live or die, he gave up his immortality and was placed in the sky as the constellation, Sagittarius. Thus, explaining why some Astrologers regard Chiron’s ruler-ship to be the Sign of Sagittarius. Whereas others believe the Sign of Virgo is more appropriate due to its association with service, health and knowledge.

Subsequently, Chiron is commonly referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, representing in Natal charts a deep physical or spiritual wound, in sum our weakness. Therefore individuals may constantly overcompensate or try to prove themselves in this area, as it is where they feel most vulnerable. While ironically it is where they can ultimately derive most strength, acting as the key to unlocking their true fulfilment. Those who have a strong Chiron placement can inspire others greatly or become powerful healers, Tarot readers, Astrologers or Medical Practitioners particularly Homeopaths. The old adage ‘what won’t kill you makes you stronger’, certainly applies in Chiron’s Case!

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