The Planets - Jupiter

Jupiter along with Saturn are regarded as the middle planets, being transpersonal planets. All planets stay in one Sign for different time spans, depending upon the planet.

Jupiter and Saturn help us to set down roots and pay attention to where we can grow and develop, subsequently making their influence more long-lasting than the personal or inner planets.

Jupiter Lucky?

Jupiter is called the greater benefic and is associated with expansion and all manner of optimism. It offers the opportunity of deep philosophical or spiritual wisdom and also defines our religious beliefs, whether they be in organized religion or a personal spiritual one.

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Jupiter’s twelve year cycle means that approximately every twelve years (dependent on retrogrades) a person experiences a Jupiter return, which usually lasts for approximately one year. This is when Jupiter returns to the Sign and house of your birth. Usually at this time new beginnings and opportunities arise, or joyous and fruitions times.

Unfortunately Jupiter can also bring over-expansion, and his gifts can be squandered and mishandled if not used wisely, as is evident in an inclination to overindulge in food and alcohol when co-joining your natal planets. Also the planet rules long distance travel, and when making favourable aspects indicates long distance journeys, marriage or lawsuits. If making close aspects to other negative planets health issues or operations are often undertaken at this time.

Jupiter’s House position will indicate the area of life that experiences Jupiter’s buoyant and optimistic influence, this can be through what a person attracts in life or through there own efforts. This area also shows where joy and success comes more easily.

Jupiter Rules OK!

Jupiter originally ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces, now Neptune is Pisces' ruler. People can be drawn to either the medical professions, teaching or homeless or animal shelters. When Jupiter is retrograde natally, a person internalizes the more philosophical side of Jupiter’s nature, and usually chooses spiritual ideals instead. When Jupiter retrogrades by transit goals are delayed or put on hold until Jupiter moves forward again.

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